Strength and Conditioning

Reign Sports Performance offers private small group, group sports performance, and team sports performance training. All sessions start with a dynamic warm up that leads into speed and agility, plyometrics, power development, strength, core work, pre-hab and conditioning.  Each program is 4 weeks long and always takes into account the demands of the game and overall healthy habits across the lifespan. We assess with performance tests and check for any mobility deficits that could potentially be causing pain and limitations. Train hard, recover hard. A big aspect of training hard is understanding how to properly recover with nutrition, stress management and prioritizing quality sleep habits. Mirielle works with the athletes to teach them how to properly care for their bodies as an athlete and gives them the tools to be successful later in life.

Registration for these programs is private as all athlete must be screened before enrolling in a class/group. If you are interested in a program or would like to learn more you can email or give us a call at 509.416.6846.

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