Strength and Conditioning


Reign Sports Performance offers Semi-Private Group Sports Performance and Team Sports Performance training options. All training sessions include speed and agility, plyometrics, power development, strength training, mobility and conditioning.  Each program takes into account the physical demands of the game, training age, and overall healthy habits across the lifespan.

Athletes get assessed with a movement screen for any mobility deficits that could potentially be causing pain and/or limitations. After the movement screen, athletes will go through performance testing to give us baseline numbers as well as a greater understanding to strengths and weaknesses. 

At RSP we preach “train hard, recover harder.” A big aspect of training hard is understanding how to properly recover with proper nutrition, stress management and prioritizing quality sleep habits. Our Strength and Conditioning coaching staff works teaches the athletes how to properly care for their bodies and gives them the tools to be successful later in life.

Registration for these programs is private as all athlete must be screened before enrolling in a class/group. If you are interested in a program or would like to learn more you can email us here or call/text at 509.416.6846.

  • Sports Performance Training
  • Sports Team Training
  • Group training
  • Remote programming (upon application approval)